Main Purpose

Main Purpose

Main Purpose of Bradford Study Support Network (BSSN)

A voluntary organisation that looks to seek out and respond to community needs in the area of learning support.

Develop initiatives designed to increase participation in learning by individuals from disadvantaged and marginalised neighbourhoods and communities of interest which work to address the low skills levels amongst adults and the under-achievement of young people within these communities.

Provide innovative learning opportunities with special regard to I.T., Basic Skills, Employability, communication skills, ESOL, Study Support and ‘learning can be fun’ across all ages and abilities. Investigate barriers to learning, social inclusion/engagement and employment through funded community-wide surveys and research Make effective use of existing community resources.

BSSN has been adversely affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic. The safety net of working with larger partners was taken away in 2020 and this meant we needed to re-emerge as a small but strong independent organisation. We have seen a huge demand for study support, especially by families who have been struggling to home school and support their children during the pandemic. We have worked with young people aged 10yrs to 18yrs supporting with STEM subjects and supporting the social sciences.